Windows 7 End of Life

The time is drawing near and with the holiday period in the mix, the January 14 cut off is just around the corner!

What does End of Life mean?
This means Microsoft will no longer update or support windows 7 and are in fact pushing people to purchase entire new machines, fortunately this is not the only option.

What if I don’t upgrade before 14th January?
Windows 7 will still continue to run after January 14 2020 however it will no longer be protected from any new viruses or security problems, making it the perfect target for malicious activity.

At the moment we can still provide in place updates to Windows 10 meaning all of the data and saved passwords remains intact and most programs will continue to run. We can not guarantee this will be the case after the 14 January cut off and feel it would be unlikely.

How we Can help?
At MicroEd Computers we will continue to trade through the Holiday period* making it the perfect time to upgrade your windows 7 machines, with in-store upgrade starting at $120, at this time we will also check the health of your Data drive before putting in through the strain of an upgrade making the whole process worry free.

Limited spots available book now or contact us for further information. 5499 0822

*  Over the holiday period we will not be open public holidays, and will be running a Skeleton staff so the Office, on occasion may be unattended.