MicroEd, Corona and Working From Home


As the impact of COVID-19 increases its time to look at your plans for business continuity and employer responsibility. As an I.T. company we are accustomed to working remotely and will do so if necessary, to ensure continued service and safety to our staff and clients over the coming weeks and months.

At this stage we plan to continue site visits until we receive advice to the contrary or feel our staff are at risk. Please notify us immediately if a call out needs to be cancelled or if there is risk to our staff member.

How can my staff work from home?
The solution varies from business to business, but solutions include:

  • Move company files to cloud technologies
  • Provide staff with secure remote access to the business server
  • Move your Phone System to a cloud-based solution

Benefits of cloud-based phone solution
Of the above points most are self-explanatory however most clients are unaware that we have broadened our services to include phone systems.

The benefit of a cloud-based phone solution is that staff can answer the main business line or call out through the Business Phone system from any device anywhere in the world. This means staff can use their personal devices without giving out their personal numbers. It also provides a high level of professionalism as you are always able to answer the phone and transfer calls between staff even though you may not all be in the same building.
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Other benefits include:

  • No dependence on equipment in the office that may become outdated
  • Simplified Call Management
  • Immunity to local Power or NBN outages
  • Work from anywhere in the world
  • Keep your existing Phone Numbers
  • Separation from existing Telco
  • Use a Smartphone, PC, Handset or Cordless to communicate
  • Voice to email
  • Call Transfer
  • App Dialling
  • Dial and Manage Phones from your desktop
  • Use of the phone system in and out of the office
  • Office Hours / Outside Office hours logic
  • Take a Handset home and plug into the internet at home / work from home
  • Web Conferencing Facility
  • Web site integration (Chat function)

Using the technologies above we will continue to support you and your business during this uncertain time.
In the interests of providing you with the best service we encourage you to call our Office on 07 5499 0822 if you require assistance rather than the mobiles.

Finally, I would like to wish all our clients and families both health and happiness in these trying times.

The MicroEd Team.