microed.com.au emails termination by WestNet | iinet

Your @microed.com.au email address will cease to function as of Friday 14th 2023

As you are aware we’ve provided you with your @microed.com.au email address for free for over 30 years.

No doubt you may have received an email from iiNet notifying you that this service will be shutdown as of April 30, 2023.

We are furious with iiNet and have fought this decision but unfortunately due to circumstances outside of our control iiNet can no longer guarantee the security of this legacy hosting and will terminate the service.

We have made the decision to cut the service early so that we can assist customers with time up our sleeve before iiNet terminates permanently.

Please NOTE that the service provided for the legacy @microed.com.au accounts is completely separate to our current Microsoft 365 emails which is the preferred email technology.


What you need to do

We will be offering a FREE forwarding service for your @microed.com.au email

Setting up a forward will ensure that you continue to receive emails from people or organisations that have your old @microed.com.au email address on file.

I have email history in my @microed.com.au email address that I need:

If you have email history that you need to keep then you must act quickly and make a copy of this email history before it is lost forever.

Collecting WestNet / iiNet @microed.com.au History

  • Requires Outlook
  1. Configure Outlook for the email Account with IMAP
  2. More settings

You can now export a copy of your mailbox by following our helpful guides below:

If you require assistance then please call our office.