Q: Are you affiliated with Ed's PC in the Morayfield Shopping Centre?

A: We are not affiliated in any way, shape, or form with Ed’s PCs. Our business was established in 1984 and have a long standing good relationship with our clients.

Q: I have just brought my computer home and plugged it in and turned it on but I don’t get anything on the screen. I can hear the fans running and the lights are on but nothing appears on the screen. What is wrong? [In some cases you may see the Power Save box]

A: It is highly likely that your computer has an upgraded video card. Have a look at where you have your Monitor plugged in. You may find that your monitor is plugged into the “onboard video” when you actually have an additional Video card located further down the back of the case.

Check if you have another Video Port located lower down at the back of the computer (see diagram).


Q: My House/Business just suffered a power surge. Now the computer won’t turn on. I was only using it a couple of hours ago. Is it broken, do I need somebody to come and have a look?

A: In simple terms in most cases the surge has probably sent the components into an abnormal state. Try turning off the computer and then removing the power cord from the back of the computer for 1 minute.

Re-connect the power lead and try turning your computer back on.

While on the topic of power please consider installing a heavy duty surge protector. The $30-$50 surge protectors unfortunately don’t do a great deal towards protecting your computer.

Q: When I start the computer I get the Message: “NTLDR is missing, press any key to restart – is my computer broken?

A: In most cases you simply have a Floppy disk in the Floppy Drive or a CD in the CD/DVD drive.

Turn off the Computer and try removing any Floppy Disk, CD, DVD or removable media from the machine.

If you still received the same error then the hard disk may be encountering a problem. In this case it is best to have one of our staff look over the machine. You can either bring the machine into the store or book a callout and we can visit you at the home or business.

Q: My computer is only a couple of years old. I am running Windows XP or Vista but it is so slow, what can I do?

A: The amount of RAM (Random Access Memory) that your computer has at its disposal has a massive impact on the performance of your machine. Many computers are sold with minimal RAM to reduce the purchase price and the performance improvement gained by adding RAM is significant.

As a general guide we recommend that you have a minimum of 512Mb of RAM for Windows XP and at least 1Gb of RAM for Windows Vista or Windows 7. Vista is an extremely heavy user of RAM.

The other common cause of performance issues is Spyware. Spyware is unknowingly installed by some web sites and some applications (Limewire, Napster etc). Some spyware even downloads more spyware.

In both cases whether it be Spyware or lack of RAM, one of our friendly staff would be more than happy to have a look over the system and make the appropriate recommendations. RAM is surprisingly affordable now and for as little as $79 you could have your machine running like new. Repairs & upgrades.

Q: Anything I type into the internet address bar comes up with Google/Search Engine results?

A: If this is happening to you,then you are not typing it into the proper URL Address bar, you are typing into the Google/Search Engine Search bar, this can be commonly mistaken by some people. You know your in the URL “Address” bar when you see the “http://”, see the diagram below: