Phone Systems


Upgrade Your Phone System

Having headaches with your current phone system? MicroEd can provide you with a new phone system that’s reliable and has all the modern features you would expect from a phone system.

  • Simplified Call Management
  • Immunity to local Power or NBN outages
  • Work from anywhere in the world
  • Keep your existing Phone Numbers
  • Separation from existing Telco
  • Great Call Rates
  • Allowance for future expansion and flexibility
  • No dependence on equipment in the office that may become outdated
  • Use a Smartphone, PC, Handset or Cordless to communicate
  • Useful Features
    • Voice to email
    • Call Transfer
    • App Dialing
    • Dial and Manage Phones from your desktop
    • Use of the phone system in and out of the office
    • Office Hours / Outside Office hours logic
  • Take a Handset home and plug into the internet at home / work from home
  • Web Conferencing Facility
  • Web site integration (Chat function)

Keep Your System Running
At It's Full Potential

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