Census… What went wrong?

Australian Computer Society released an article entitled “IBM, ABS share blame for Census Disaster”.

This article states points made by the PM such as “There are clearly very big issues for IBM,” and “Denial-of-service attacks are absolutely commonplace. They are highly predictable, they were inevitably going to happen to the Census website,” this, on top of the 2010 Queensland health payroll debacle with IBM costing over $1 Billion! One has to question IBM’s reputation and why our government continues to use the US company?

My only other point is, why is the last question on the online census “do you have access to the internet?” … NO! I’m doing it online without the internet… the better question would be, is you internet reliable? do you have NBN? was your transition to NBN simple or did Telstra stuff you around for weeks on end?

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